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The Official Visit of President Tomislav Nikolić to Slovakia

President of the Republic of Serbia Tomislav Nikolić, who headed the delegation which also included the Foreign Affairs Minister Ivan Mrkić, made his official visit to Slovakia on January 22, at the invitation of the President of the Slovak Republic Ivan Gašparovič. During the visit, President Nikolić met with President Gašparovič, Prime Minister Fico, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Lajčak. President Nikolić awarded President Gašparovič with a medal of the Republic of Serbia for merit in development and strengthening of peaceful cooperation and friendly relations between the two countries. The two presidents visited the exhibit of one of Serbia’s most famous painters, Sava Stojkov, at the Presidential Palace and attended the ceremony of signing the Agreement on International Road Transport of Passengers and Goods which was signed by foreign ministers Mrkić and Lajčak. President Nikolić also met with the representatives of 13 Slovak companies which are already present or planning to invest in Serbia. President Nikolić and Foreign Minister Mrkić attended the signing of a Memorandum of understanding between Simpo Kuršumlija and GGE from Bratislava on a project valued at 20 million EUR. Finally, President Nikolić met with the representatives of Serbian Diaspora in Slovakia and gave interviews for Slovak dailies Pravda and Hospodarske Noviny, as well as television TA3.






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The Official Visit of President Tomislav Nikolić to Slovakia
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